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eSchoolPlus Release

New Features

The following features have been added in this release.

Product AreaFeature TitleFeature DescriptionLearn More
AttendanceAttendance Totals for Learning Location

The Attendance View Setup has been modified to add the Learning Location Type column to the criteria rows where a single Learning Location Type can be selected.  Similar to the functionality of the Calendar field, this field can be used if you need to have different criteria depending on where the student was on a given day or when students are in different locations for a portion of the day.

  • In School
  • Virtual/Synchronous
  • Virtual/Asynchronous
  • Unassigned  - If selected, this criteria will only apply to students where a Location Type could not be determined based on the Learning Location code assigned to them and the setup in the student's assigned calendar for each day.
Attendance View Setup Page
AttendanceAttendance Totals for Learning Location

Depending upon your choice of settings in the Attendance View Setup and the Calendar Detail page, the Day Totals calculation will now do the following:

  • It will only process criteria in your View Setup that are associated with a specific Location Type, if one is specified in the criteria.
  • It will process only attendance periods within a day that match a selected Location Type, if one is specified in the criteria.
  • If a student is Mixed Day for a day, and no Location Type is specified on the criteria that they met, a new value of M will be added to the Day Totals record for that day.
  • If a View Setup is set such that “Students Qualify for Each Criteria Listed”, and you have different criteria by Learning Type, and a student is considered to be Mixed Day for a specific date, you can now have multiple Day Totals records created that capture values reflecting just the portion of the day they were in each Location Type.
  • The Total Day Periods, Student Scheduled Periods, Student Unscheduled Periods, Present Periods, and Absent Periods will then reflect just the time spent in that Location Type.

Added a Max Day Time field to the Day Totals records to store the maximum number of periods or minutes based on the periods for the day to support the ability to calculate the student's attendance percentage for mixed days.

Calculate Attendance for Mixed Location Days
RegistrationMixed Days for Learning Locations

Learning Locations can support mixed days where a student may be in school for part of the day, and virtual/synchronous for another portion of the day, as an example.

Changes were made so mixed days can be defined in the calendar.

  • The Calendar Day page has been modified to allow the user to specify Mixed Days, where a student may be in school for part of the day, and virtual/synchronous for another portion of the day, as an example.
  • Mass Update Days has been modified to allow you to specify Mixed Days.
  • Copy Calendars has been modified to copy the attendance periods by learning location for Mixed Days.

By defining a Learning Location code in the Mixed Day fields, you can then specify the attendance periods where a student with that code is considered to be throughout the day.

Calculate Attendance for Mixed Location Days
RegistrationSimplify Learning Locations Setup

The Mass Update Days option has been modified to make it easier to update days.

You can now:

  • Specify a date range to select dates. When you select a date range, you must select the cycle days to update and you can also select to update only attendance days within the range.
  • Add a learning location without having to specify all possible codes when assigning Learning Locations in the In School, Virtual/Sychronous and Virtual/Asynchronous fields. The code will be inserted leaving any existing codes for that location type intact.
  • Move a learning location from one location type to another by specifying it's new location. If a learning location code is already in use in the calendar for a day, it will be removed from the list for the previous location.
  • Remove a learning location from the location type where it is assigned without assigning it to a new location, select the learning location in the Unassigned field.

Also, to prevent conflicting changes, the Membership information fields are not available if you select the Update Only Attendance Days option when updating a range of dates.

Mass Update Days Page
eSchoolPlusMixed Days for Learning Locations

The Learning Location icons that indicate where a student is learning were also modified to show the student's location for a Mixed Day:

    • On the TAC Attendance page, the appropriate In School, Virtual/Synchronous, or Virtual Asynchronous icon will display based on the attendance period.
    • A new Mixed Day
      example of the Mixed Day icon
       icon will appear in other locations. The tooltip for the icon shows the student's location by attendance period. In Home Access Center, the tooltip does not include this detail because parents and students are not familiar with the attendance period names.
Identify Learning Locations for Students

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in this release.

Reference Number



ESP-48707Attendance Entry

In Attendance Entry, a message displayed incorrectly indicating that there were overlapping entries when the user had selected multiple periods. The overlapping message should only display when there are multiple attendance entries for an attendance period and times are not specified. Resolved so it does not display when multiple periods are selected, but all entries have a sequence of 1.

ESP-46065Attendance Entry

When multiple periods are selected, Attendance Entry requires arrival and dismissal time when the student has multiple attendance entries. Previously, users were not required to enter times after using the Add code button to add multiple entries but this created invalid data.

ESP-32603Course Equivalency Calculation

While rebuilding the State Course Equivalencies, an error occurred indicating the “Primary Key Constraint ‘PK_MR_STU_MARK' Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.MR_STU_MARKS'.” This error indicated that the record was already there so it could not be added a second time and the processing would stop. Processing will now continue.

ESP-44549Day Totals CalculationIf the Attendance View Setup was defined with Students qualify for each criteria listed and a criteria row was set to have a Min and Max of 0, the calculation would not create a Day Totals record for the criterion unless the student was scheduled for all possible periods in the day. Resolved this issue so that the calculation will create a record when the student meets the criterion even if the student has periods where they are not scheduled for a course.
ESP-48155District-Defined Course

District-Defined Course pages under Course Section were not saving if the user had read-write access for that page, but only read access for the parent resource. The issue was resolved so that the Course page under Course Section uses its own security resource.

ESP-47549HAC Login

HAC Login screen did not allow the page to be zoomed at 250% or higher. Changes were made to allow zooming.

ESP-50663Script Error

Install script failed if it ran against a database with no records in the Reg table. This has been resolved.

ESP-47593Master Schedule

When the start date for secondary staff was saved, the system was changing the start date value of the primary staff as well on the Master Schedule page. This issue has been resolved.


An error incorrectly indicated that a header field in the program was required in the following scenario:

  • The user has selected a checkbox for a field that is not linked to the header field.
  • The user has not entered a value for any of the fields that are linked to the header field.

This has been resolved.

ESP-47125Report Card Summary - Print Report Card

Report cards printed from the Report Card Summary would fail to open immediately if the print view used a modified template. This has been resolved.

ESP-44028Schedule Entry - Grid View

The Schedule Entry Grid was indicating a course conflicts with itself if the course was dropped and re-added within the same marking period. This has been resolved.

ESP-46605Scheduled Course Load/Unload/Lock/Erase

The mass load page now schedules the course without an error related to a conflict when the student is scheduled in a course in another building if the days and periods are not the same.

ESP-47717Scheduling/RC Synchronization

Grades for dropped courses that were trailed and then re-added displayed incorrectly. This has been resolved.

State Reporting

This release includes changes for the following states:

  • California

  • Florida

  • Illinois

  • Michigan

  • Missouri
  • New York

  • Ohio

  • Oregon
  • Texas

  • Virginia
  • Washington

Release notes are available in your state's eSchoolPlus online documentation site.

Database Changes

The following changes are included in this release:

REG_CAL_DAYS_LL_PDSAdded table to store the learning locations by attendance period for mixed days.
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