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Career Plan Alerts

To help you track a student's progress toward completing a Career Plan, the system creates warnings through the Graduation Requirement calculation noting cases where the student is not meeting the criteria established for a particular plan. Career Plan course and credit requirements are set up in Mark Reporting's Graduation Requirements Setup option.

Following are the types of alerts you may see for a student on the Career Plan and Graduation Requirements page:

Error Message


Failed Required Course

The Earned Credit is less than Attempted Credit for a completed course defined as required in the student's Career Plan, based on the Graduation Requirements Setup.

Required Course Not Found

The student does not have the indicated course included among completed, scheduled, and requested courses. The course is required for the subject area based on the Graduation Requirements Setup.

Insufficient Subject Credit

The student's estimated credit for the indicated subject area is less than the necessary total credits defined in Graduation Requirements Setup. Estimated credit is the total from completed, scheduled, and requested courses.

Insufficient Total Graduation Credits (estimated)

The student's total estimated credit for all subject areas is less than the needed total credits for the Career Plan or graduation requirement group.

The estimated credit is based on completed, scheduled, and requested courses. This value is compared to the sum of all subject area credit values from the appropriate Graduation Requirements Setup.

Marks Below Minimum Subject Area Threshold

For the indicated Career Plan subject area and course, the student has at least one mark below the subject area's minimum mark requirement. The mark type used for checking the minimum mark is defined in the Graduation Requirements Setup.

In this case, the student does not receive Career Plan subject area credit for the course, even if the student earned credit for the course.

Value Requirements Not Satisfied

The student failed to meet a value requirement in their graduation plan. For example, 20 hours of community service, is required for graduation, and a student only contributes 10 hours.

A subject area has not satisfied a tag rule

The student's mark reporting records fail to satisfy a tag rule defined for the indicated Career Plan subject area. For more information, refer to Subject Area Tag Rules Page.

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