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Oregon Transcript

You may print a student's transcript using either the baseline Print Transcripts option (Mark Reporting > Entry & Reports > Transcript Reports > Print Transcripts) or the Print Custom Transcripts option. Both options create a transcript formatted in the same way, showing the same student information.

The baseline option allows you the flexibility of adjusting the layout with the Report Designer template editor.

There are setups and calculations required to generate the most accurate Oregon Transcript possible. For the most part, the prerequisites are the same regardless of which menu option you use to print transcripts. There are several additional setup considerations in the Transcript View Setup (Administration > Mark Reporting Setup > View Setup > Transcript View Setup) and GPA Setup (Administration > Mark Reporting Setup > Setup > GPA Setup) if you use the base Print Transcripts option. We outline the differences both in the sections on these setups and in the section Baseline Transcript Setup Considerations.

The Oregon transcript has been modified to print for students receiving a diploma with a State Code Equiv of 1 (Regular Diploma) or 2 (Modified Diploma).

Setup Requirements

  1. Attendance Views (Attendance Views)
  2. Attendance Intervals (Important Attendance Interval Setup Note for OR Transcript )
  3. GPA Setup (GPA Setup)
  4. Transcript View Setup (Transcript View)
  5. OR Transcript Graduation Setup (OR Transcript Graduation )
  6. Include Essential Skills on OR Transcript (OR Transcript Essential Skills)   

Baseline Setup Considerations

If you use the baseline eSchoolPlus Print Transcripts option, confirm the following setup is in place in the appropriate GPA Setups and building Transcript View Setups:

  • For GPA Setups, make sure the correct grade levels are selected in the Grades field.
  • On the Transcript View Setup page's GPA/Rank panel, enter up to two GPA Types you want to display in the transcript header area.
  • On Transcript View Setup page's Attendance Setup panel, select the Attendance View type you use for calculating transcript attendance Student Day Totals records, the Current Interval (the attendance Interval for summing Year-to-Date Day Totals), your Sum By method (Attendance Code, District Group, or State Group), and the Attendance Code/Group to count toward transcript attendance totals.
  • On the Transcript View Setup page's View Defintion panel, you should only select one of the following checkboxes: Display Credit Attempted or Display Credit Earned.
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