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Attendance Setup

For Oregon State Reporting to be accurate, you must set up Attendance Intervals and Views properly.

Attendance Intervals Page

Administration > Attendance > Setup > Attendance Intervals

  • Verify Interval labeled 'AL' (ADM Full Year):
  • Interval Type:Date
  • Begin Span:<your first day of school>
  • End Span:<your last day of school>
  • Sum by:make sure last checkbox (St) is checked
  • State Code Equiv:AL

Important Attendance Interval Setup Note for OR Transcript

It is necessary to periodically modify your Year to Date attendance interval (YTD for most districts).

If you navigate to Administration > Attendance > Setup > Attendance Intervals (choose a high school in your district), look at your Year To Date interval (again, for most districts, this is interval "YTD").

The Year to Date interval should always be set to a begin span of the beginning of the school year and the end span should always be set to the most recently completed term. This way, when the Attendance Interval Calculation is run, it will only include attendance data up to and including the term specified in 'End Span' which will in turn ensure that the attendance data for the current year on the transcript will be accurate. After a term is completed, it will be necessary to update this interval setup prior to the interval calculation to ensure accuracy on the transcript.

It is also important to note that Day Totals Calculations and Interval totals calculations should NEVER be run for prior years. If you need input attendance data for prior years for use on the transcript, it should be done using the district-defined Transfer Building Attendance option (Registration > Entry & Reports > Student District Defined > Transfer Building Attendance).

Attendance View Setup Page 

Administration > Attendance Setup > Setup > Attendance View Setup
For Oregon State Reporting in eSchoolPlus, buildings need separate Attendance Views defined for both:

  • Converting attendance codes for the ADM submissions.
  • Calculating unexcused absences to determine Truancy for the Discipline submission.

For buildings that produce transcripts, you will also need a transcript view type, typically coded as TRN. If you use the Print Custom Transcripts option, then make sure you have the transcript view type coded TRN. If you use the baseline Print Transcripts option, you can use any view type code as long as the record converts attendance codes appropriately.

Attendance View for ADM Submissions

  1. Attendance for Oregon State Reporting should be Period Attendance.
  2. You will need to set up Attendance Views to indicate Absences that should be counted towards the submissions.
  3. An attendance view must to be set up for each building to be calculated for attendance and enrollment on the report.
  4. The view can accumulate multiple absence codes into one converted absence group.
  5. Multiple group absence codes can be used for the report.
  6. If an absence code is used for more than one group, the student is counted in each group that is calculated based on the criteria relationship.

Prior to running any of the attendance related reports or submissions, the Day Totals Calculation MUST be run for the View set up above. Only attendance totals that were calculated will be included in the report.

Attendance View for Discipline Submission

You need to have an Attendance View set up for the Discipline Submission that only includes unexcused absences. A student's unexcused absences are used to calculate Truancy in the Discipline Submission.

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