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Entry Withdrawal Page

Registration > Entry & Reports > Student Demographic > Entry/Withdrawal

There are two program-tracked fields that are absolutely linked to Entry/Withdrawal in Oregon.

The State Building of Residence is used to indicate what building a student should be attending. If the student is attending the building that they should be, then this value will be the same as the Entry/Withdrawal building.

The Factor 1 field is used for Early Leavers information. This field should be updated when a student leaves your district earlier than expected. The student's Calendar affects ADM Enrollment Program Type Code reporting as follows:

  • If a student has a calendar with a State Code Equiv of S (for Standard), the student gets reported with a Program Type of 1 – Standard and can get additional ADM Program Type Codes where a standard calendar applies.
  • If a student has a calendar with a State Code Equiv of I (for Instructional Hours), the student gets a Program Type based on program enrollment from the OR Demographics page. Refer to the section Students Enrolled in Instructional Hours Programs for ADM Reporting for complete details.
  • Students attending half-day kindergarten need a calendar with State Code Equiv of HDK (for Half-Day Kindergarten). These students are reported with ADM Program Type of 15 – Half-day kindergarten.

For a chart showing how Calendar assignment and program entry affect ADM reporting, refer to the ADM Program Type Reporting Grid.

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