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Calendar (C) Submission Checklist

The following procedure provides an overview to complete the Calendar submission. This submission captures data for student calendars. For detailed information about an option, refer to the appropriate section of this documentation. For more detailed information on processing, refer to the Calendar Setup section of the documentation.




Verify that calendars are set up to accommodate all students (Administration > Registration Setup > Calendars > Calendar).


Verify the Default Instructional Time is entered for each calendar. This time should be entered in minutes in eSchoolPlus.


If applicable, verify calendars have the Attendance Pattern field entered.


Verify Grades are entered if needed.


Verify every student is assigned to a calendar.


Verify that all appropriate codes are entered for the Day Types and Day Types Crosswalk validation tables (Administration > General Setup > District > Validation Tables). Make sure all necessary Day Type codes are accurately linked to the Day Types Crosswalk validation table using the 'P360_' prefix.


Use the Calendar Day Detail page to keep daily records of any events that cause variations in the normal schedule for students. This includes events such as delays, weather-related school closings, parent teacher conferences, teacher conference days, and more. Refer to the ODE Manual and the Reporting DN Records section in the user guide for more information.


Run the Student/Course Downloads (Regulatory > EMIS Submissions > EMIS Downloads > Student/Course Downloads). Click Select All to select all the appropriate records for the Calendar submission. You may also select individual records.


Use the District Download Summary (Regulatory > EMIS Submissions > EMIS Downloads Search > District Download Summary) and OH EMIS Downloads Search (Regulatory > EMIS Submissions > OH EMIS Downloads Search) to spot check Calendar data in DN and DL records, and make corrections to data.

We recommend that you correct the source data, not the download records.


Make corrections to student, calendar, building, or district data and repeat steps as needed.


After all download information is ready, run EMIS Submission Files (Regulatory > EMIS Submissions > EMIS Submission File).


Move files from the eSchoolPlus server to your PC. Right-click on a file and select Save Target As. In the Save As window, select the directory where you want to move the file.

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