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CTE Report

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Use this page to create the CTE Enrollment report that is sent to the State in the spring and to send the CTE Outcome report to the State in the fall. The report will select all active students in grades 9-12 that are active on the date in the Enroll Date prompt and who are taking courses with values on the MD CTE page. There will be one record for each student/CIP Code combination, so if a student is taking one CTE course that has 3 CIP Codes, you will get three records for the student in the file.

CTE Report Prerequisites

  1. Make sure that all CTE courses have the correct CIP Codes and that they are marked as Concentrator courses on the MD CTE page as appropriate.
  2. You District must have the new Federal Race codes for students in eSchoolPlus. 
  3. Users who need to run this report should have the CTE security resource assigned to them.
  4. When you are creating the CTE Outcome report, make sure that you have uploaded the CTE File from the State (Perkins Outcome File).

CTE Report Prompts



Building List

Click All to select all buildings or click Selected and click the dropdown to select one or more buildings.

Enroll As Of Date

This prompt is to be used to identify date for the selection of entry/withdrawal dates of the students to be included in the data extract. The date entered in this prompt should be the "as of" date designated in the State Documentation (State of Maryland Specifications Manual for Secondary Career and Technology (CTE) Enrollment and Outcome Systems)

Report Radio Buttons

Select CTE Outcome in the fall and CTE Enrollment in the spring.

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