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Maryland Reports

Below is a list of reports provided to customers in Maryland to meet State Reporting requirements. 



Class Level Membership Report

LEAs in Maryland are required to submit a data file to the MD Department of Education that contains class level counts of the number of students being instructed in core academic subjects as well as information on the teacher who instructs each class.

High School Assessment File

This option will create the appropriate pretest files necessary for the October, January, May and Summer test administration periods.

MD Discipline Report

This option will create the Discipline report that includes suspension information. 

MD Attendance, Enrollment, Promotion Report

This option produces the September, Early Attendance, and End-of-Year Attendance reports.

MD High School Assessment Status and Completion Report

Also known as the HSSC Report.  This report is submitted to the Maryland Department of Education on a regular basis throughout the school year.  It provides student demographic information, assessment status and scores, high school completer information (for seniors) and AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) data.

MD SR7 Report

Use this option to print a Maryland Student Transfer/Withdrawal form.

MD Student Course Grade Teacher

This option creates the SCGT report, which reports information at the classroom level.

Habitual Truant

This option creates the Habitual Truant report.

CTE Report

This option produces the CTE Enrollment Report, which includes information about your district's CTE Concentrators.

KRA Report

This option creates Student, Enrollment, and Teacher files for Kindergarten students.

MD Student Arrest Report

This option creates the Student Arrest Report for discipline reporting.

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