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Discipline Data Entry

This section covers entry of Discipline incident records collected in the Student Discipline file for the End-of-Year 3 Absence Summary/Cumulative Enrollment/Discipline submission. First, we will give an overview of the types of incidents collected in the Student Discipline file. This is followed by descriptions for the pages and fields where you enter the data used in the file.

Discipline Incidents Collected in the Student Discipline File

When run for the Student Discipline file, the Create CALPADS Extract/State Files option generates a record for discipline incidents based on each incident Offense set up with a State Code Equiv in the Incident/Offense code validation table. Offenses are only downloaded and reported if they have a State Code Equiv assigned.

A student can have more than one record from the same discipline incident if there are multiple Offenses with the appropriate setup. Refer to Discipline Setup for more information.

Incident Detail Page, Offender Detail Page and the Student Discipline Record

Following is a summary explaining how data from the Incident Detail and Offender Detail pages populate records in the Student Discipline file for the EOY 3 submission:

Incident Detail > Incident panel

The eSchoolPlus Incident ID is used as the Disciplinary Incident ID Local in the Student Discipline file. The Date associated with the incident is assigned as the Disciplinary Incident Occurrence Date for any student offenses reported.

Incident Detail > Offenders panel > View Detail

The Offenders panel lists each individual who has an Offense code for the incident. Click the offender's View Detail icon to open Offender Detail, or click the name to open a summary of offense and intervention action information. The Student Discipline file only reports offense and action information for Offense codes set up with State Code Equivs in the Incident/Offense code validation table.

The Student Discipline record has a field called Incident Most Severe Offense Code. This field's value is determined either by the Severity Order field in the Incident/Offense code validation table or by an override value entered in the discipline incident district-defined page  Most Severe Offense. The override has priority over the Incident/Offense code table. 

If there is no override, then the download looks at the validation table's Severity Order field to determine which offense has the highest priority (with 1 being the highest) for the incident as a whole. Note that this is not necessarily the offense committed by a particular student in his or her individual Discipline file record for the incident. 

Incident Detail > Other Incident Information panel > Most Severe OffenseThis incident-level district-defined page lets you define the most severe offense to use in the Student Discipline file. This acts as an override to the Severity Orders assigned to the incident's offenses in the Incident/Offense code table, and it applies to all records generated from this behavior incident.

Offender Detail > Actions panel

Use the Actions panel to enter any intervention Actions applied to a specific offender, to record the duration of the actions, and if needed, to note why a duration value was changed.

Offender Detail > Other Offender Information panel > CA Offender

This offender-level district-defined page has the following fields for the CALPADS Student Discipline file: Disciplinary Action Authority Code, Student Instructional Support Indicator, and Removal to Interim Alternative.

Offender Detail > General panel

Use the Offender Detail page's General panel for the Weapon Category Code reported in the Student Discipline file. It needs to be reported if the student's offense has a State Code Equiv of 100, 101, 103, 104, or 105.

Most Severe Offense Discipline Incident

Interventions > Office > Incident Detail > Other Incident Information panel > Most Severe Offense

Use this page to set an incident-level override for populating the Incident Most Severe Offense Code field in the Discipline Incident file. This Offense code override bypasses assessment of Severity Order in the Incident/Offense Codes table. If no override is entered here for the incident, the Student Discipline download assesses Incident Most Severe Offense Code by determining which offense for the incident has the highest priority Severity Order (with 1 being the highest) in the Incident Codes validation table.
Note that Incident Most Severe Offense Code indicates the most severe offense out of all the offenses associated with a discipline incident. It is not necessarily the offense committed by a particular student in his or her individual Student Discipline file record.

CA Offender District-Defined Page

Interventions > Office > Incident Detail > Offenders panel > click View Detail > Other Offender Information panel > CA Offender

The Student Discipline file refers to the CA Offender district-defined page for the Disciplinary Action Authority Code and the Student Instructional Support Indicator, both of which are required for incidents involving a Special Education student (program CA144) where the Incident Disciplinary Action Taken Code indicates suspension or expulsion (codes 100, 110, or 200).
Note that if Disciplinary Action Authority Code is blank and the Student Discipline record meets one of the criteria noted above, the Student Discipline file defaults a value of 10 for School or district personnel in the Disciplinary Action Authority field.
The page also has the Removal to Interim Alternative field. This indicates the reason a student was removed to an interim alternative setting for 45 days or less. This field is required when you report a discipline incident for a special education student. This must be blank or No Removal if the offender is a special education student and the Disciplinary Action Taken Code is 300 - No Suspension or Expulsion.

Additional business rules are as follows:

  • Student Instructional Support Indicator is required if the student has an action duration greater than ten days.
  • You need a Removal to Interim Alternative Setting Reason Code value (field 4.23) if a special education student has a Student Offense Code (field 4.15) equal to any of the following values: 100, 103, 105, 200, 400, 401, 500, 503, 505, or 600.

Offender Detail Actions Panel and CALPADS Student Discipline

Interventions > Office > Incident Detail > Offenders panel > click View Detail > Actions panel

The CALPADS Student Discipline file uses the following fields from the Offender Detail page Action panel: Action Code, Actual Duration, and if applicable, Reason for Difference. The Reason for Difference field populates the Disciplinary Action Modification Category Code (field 4.22) in the Student Discipline file. It tracks any change made to the discipline action, such as shortening a suspension or expulsion.

If you change an Actual Duration to 0 days for a reportable action, make sure you also select the appropriate Reason for Difference, either 100 – Enforcement Suspended or 200 – Shortened.

Also, if Reason for Difference is blank when the Action Code maps to the Expulsion code (200), the extract populates field 4.22 with 300 – No Modification.

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