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Discipline Setup

Discipline Validation Tables

Administration > General Setup > District > Validation Tables > select Discipline

eSchoolPlus Validation Table


Incident/Offense Codes

Student Offense Code

Offense Actions

Incident Disciplinary Action Taken Code

Offense Action Reasons

Disciplinary Action Modification Category Code


Weapon Category Code

Incident/Offense Codes

The Create CALPADS Extract/State Files option downloads Student Discipline records only for incident Offense codes set up with a State Code Equiv in this validation table. Make sure the correct Offense codes have State Code Equivs, based on the following documents: California Education Codes 48900 and 48915.

For CALPADS Discipline reporting, you need to indicate what offense of an incident is the most severe (if you are allowing Multiple Offenses per Incident). Define the Severity Order for each offense in the Incident/Offense Codes validation table. The lower the number, the more severe the incident.

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