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CALPADS Student Address Processing

On the Create CALPADS Extract/State Files page, use the Student Address Data Submission selection to create address-update records (Student Information Record Type SIAD) for CALPADS. When CALPADS receives Student Information records with the SIAD Record Type, it knows to update and validate only the address fields for the student. This includes the following fields specifically:

  • Residential Address Line 1
  • Residential Address Line 2
  • Residential Address City Name
  • Residential Address State Province Code
  • Residential Address Zip Code

The sections that follow describe the data sources for this information and the procedure for creating a Student Address submission.

CALPADS Student Address Files

The Student Address Data Submission creates SSID Enrollment records and Student Information records with the SIAD Record Type. The Download Prompts section shows the SIAD Student Information record type as Student Address.


File Layout/Mapping

Student Information – SIAD Record Type

Student Information File Layout

Student Enrollment

SSID File Layout

Select the Address for the Student Information File

When you run the Student Address data submission, you have the choice of downloading students' physical or mailing address information into the Student Information file. This is based on your selection at the Address to Report prompt.

  • The Physical address information comes from the Student program EDCTC – Student Contact Information which updates automatically based on changes to the Addresses page, Physical Address section on the Addresses panel. This is the information used for Direct Certification.
  • The Mailing address information comes from the Student Addresses page, Mailing Address section on the Addresses panel. Your assessment vendor for the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) uses the mailing address stored in CALPADS to print on individual student reports.

Important: Currently CALPADS allows you to store one address type at a time for any individual student. Please change addresses back to Physical Address information after CAASP test vendors pull Mailing Addresses from CALPADS.

Create the CALPADS Student Address Submission

 Download the SSID Enrollment and Student Information ODS files from CALPADS, then upload to eSchoolPlus. For a procedure, refer to Upload CALPADS ODS Files.

  1. Run the eSP vs. CALPADS File Reconciliation process for the files uploaded in Step 1. See the How to Create eSchoolPlus vs. CALPADS Reconciliation Files section for more information.
  2. Based on the Reconciliation report, make changes to eSchoolPlus student records.
  3. Run the Create CALPADS Extract State File process to create SSID Enrollment and Student Information records through the Student Address submission (see How to run the Extract Option for more information on this page).
    • Make sure that in the Select Downloads for dropdown you have selected Student. For the Data Submission, select Student Address. Also make sure that Extract is checked. In the Download Prompts section, the SSID Enrollment will be checked automatically and you cannot change it. You can choose to uncheck Student Address, but you will eventually need to extract both areas of data.
    • Use today's date for the Census Date.
    • At the Address to Report prompt, choose whether the download should populate the Student Information file with either the student's Physical or Mailing address. Refer to the Select the Address for the Student Information File section for more details on this extract feature.
  4. Review the extract errors and warnings, and update data in eSchoolPlus as necessary.
  5. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 until your Task Log is error free. You should check the Update Existing Records box during these repeated extracts to ensure records created earlier get updated with your changes.
  6. To view extracted data, go to Regulatory > CALPADS > Summary > CALPADS Student Summary (CALPADS Student Summary page).
  7. When you are satisfied with the extracted data, you can create the State Files (See How to Create the State Files).
    • The Census Date should be the same date you used in Step 4.
    • Make sure that State Files is checked.
  8. Based on your district's procedures, update CALPADS with the eSchoolPlus State Files.
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