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Viewing Data to be Sent to CALPADS

For Student and Staff data, there are Summary Pages that will allow you to view that data that will be sent/has been sent to CALPADS. You can select the submission for which you want to view data and then click the Record Type dropdown for the download record to view.  Additionally, you can select to display history for the student to see download records for all submissions for which the student has data.

You can edit the non-key fields in download records by clicking the Edit button for the appropriate field's column heading. Note that you must verify that you are entering data as required by the state when you edit the download records. This page does not validate the data you enter.  We recommend that you make changes to the source data and run the Download option if you need to correct data.

Use the Student Download Search option to list download records for a specific submission period and record type. You can further limit results based on student download table fields. The search results list provides access to source student data for some fields. It allows you to edit download table data directly for a select number of fields. You may also export search results to an Excel file.

There are two ways to view data that has been extracted/downloaded. Selecting the View History option in the View Type dropdown will display the data for each submission. Selecting any other option will display the pages shown below. If you need to fix data prior to submitting it to the State, you can click on the hyperlinks. This will take you to the standard eSchoolPlus page where you can change the data if you have appropriate security. You MUST run the extract again for changes to be reflected here and sent to the State. Clicking on the dropdown in the Record Type field will allow you to change which submission you want to view data for. Selecting History will allow you to see all submissions for the student in rows on the page.

The Submission Numbers equate to the following submissions:





Fall 1


Fall 2


End of Year 1


End of Year 2


End of Year 3


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