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CA Run 240 Minutes Calculation

Regulatory > Reports > Utilities > CA Run 240 Minutes Calculation
Use this page to calculate students who have an average of less than 240 minutes of scheduled minutes on two consecutive days. The total number of minutes for the two days is divided by 2. The dates when a student did not meet the 240 minutes rule are stored in the system and will be used to determine exclusion from the ADA in the CA Attendance Detail and Summary Reports and the CA J-18/19 Report.
You may run the calculation by Attendance Interval or Date.

Prior to running the calculation, make sure that you have set up the system according to the Passing Time Checklist earlier in this guide, if necessary. You must also make sure that Attendance Day Totals Calculations have been run for the timeframe that you select. This calculation uses the calculated scheduled time from the day totals calculation.

The calculation will create a log file that will alert you to any days that students do not have any scheduled classes. After the calculation is complete, if you want to search for Active students in a particular building who have not met the 240 minute rule, you can do the following Advanced Search:

When you define the Advanced Search criteria, make sure to choose List Field Selection to show the attendance dates and average times from the 240 Minutes database table. For a procedure, refer to California-Specific View-Only Student Pages.

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