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California Attendance Reports

The Attendance Reports that have been created for California customers include the CA Attendance Detail Register, the CA Attendance Summary Register and the J18/19 Report. Additionally, a utility has been created to determine students who have not met the 240 minute rule—these students can be excluded from the CA Attendance reports.

These reports have been written to allow you to select students in particular programs. If you opt to select by Program, the reports will only include the student for the time that he/she was enrolled in the program. If you select by Program, then you should not include that program in your filter. You should be able to reconcile the CA Attendance Detail Register, CA Attendance Summary Register and the J18/19 Report. In order to do so, make sure that the selection criteria that you use on all reports is the same.

NOTE: All of the reports pull data from the Day Totals Calculation. If you haven't run this calculation, the data on the reports may be inaccurate.
Tip: We recommend that you set up the Year-To-Date Day Totals Calculation to run on a weekend day once a month in order to ensure that the CA Attendance reports are most accurate.

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