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2012-2013 WA Transcript Features

The following features were implemented in the Washington Transcript output per the state's 2012-2013 Standardized High School Transcript User Guide:

  • The header shows the student's Graduation Requirement Year based on the Federal Graduation Rate Year from the student's Academic page.
  • The Course Designation Key includes new options identifying courses in the student's Academic Record section's Course Deg column: L – Local Comp Test, N – National Comp Test, Q – Quantitative, and S – Science Lab
    Each course designation listed above displays as a field on the WA Course Information district-defined course page at the Course Catalog and Master Schedule levels. When one of these boxes is checked at the Master Schedule level for a particular course, the transcript shows the corresponding course designation.
  • The Academic Record section has a State Crs Code column which draws from the Mark Reporting Setup's Course Equivalency Definition option. This option associates courses with State IDs. A course's State ID displays in the new State Crs Code column.
    The column showing the local course code is labeled Dist Course Code.
  • The Print Transcripts option references the student Academic page's Graduation Year field to determine which tests to show in the transcript's Additional State Requirements section. Note that tests display based on the appropriate Transcript View Setup for the student's building. The specifications below are in addition to the other Washington state tests supported by the Print Transcripts option.
  • For students graduating in 2013 or later, the Washington State History test displays.
  • For students graduating in 2013 or 2014, the Mathematics Standard test displays.
  • For students graduating in 2015 or later, the Mathematics Year 1, Mathematics Year 2, and Science Standard tests display. (Beginning in summer 2015, the Washington Transcript only shows Science Standard tests for students graduating in 2017 or later).
  • The transcript's Additional District Requirements section shows any tests other than the standard Washington state tests that are defined in the building's Transcript View Setup, Test Scores tab. For a list of the standard state tests, refer to Transcript View Setup Requirements.
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