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Texas Withdrawal Form Report

Use this report to print the Student Withdrawal/Record Transfer Form for students leaving your district. This form includes student demographic information, leaver information, special programs, assessment data, attendance, immunizations, and current year course marks and attendance.


Define the configuration for the report. The configuration specifies the withdrawal codes that are equivalent to Suspension/Removal and the attendance, mark reporting, and assessment information that prints on the form. For more information, refer to Withdrawal Form Configuration.

Printing the Student Withdrawal/Record Transfer Form

You can create the report from the student's Entry/Withdrawal page.

  1. Select Registration > Entry & Reports > Student Demographic > Entry/Withdrawal.
  2. Search for the student.
  3. If the student has not already been withdrawn, withdraw the student following your district procedures.
  4. On the Entry/Withdrawal page, click Additional options, and then select TX Withdrawal Form.
  5. On the Texas Withdraw Form page, specify the options for the report.
    • Withdrawal Date - Enter the date.
    • Withdrawal Code - Enter the code.
    • Requesting District - Enter the district's name if the student is transferring to another district.
    • Paper Size - Select letter or legal size paper.
    • Test Name - Select the type of test information to print on the student's form or select None to not print scores for any of these tests.
    • End Of Course - Select this checkbox to print the end of course test scores.
    • Footer Text - Enter text that you want to print on the report.
    • Update Attendance Contact Hours - Select this checkbox to run the Attendance Contact Hours calculation for the student.
    • Update Report Card Course Attendance - Select this checkbox to run the Transfer Class Attendance to RC for the student.
    • Task/Report Name - Enter text to identify the report output.
  6. Click Run.
  7. Use the Tasks/Reports options on the Navigation bar to view task status and the retrieve report.

Note that this report can also be run from the Regulatory > Reports.

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