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State Course Credit Limit Setup

Associate credit limits with state course codes (Service IDs) to prevent a student from being scheduled into a course that would exceed the pre-defined threshold. To enable this for a building, follow these steps:

  1. From the Administration menu, choose Registration Setup, choose Setup, and then select Registration Building Configuration.
  2. Verify Warn if Full State Course Credit has been Earned is selected.
  3. Navigate to the State Courses page and review the Credit field setting for your State Course setups.

    PowerSchool loads default values in this field as follows:

    • If the course Description has parentheses, the Credit value is the high end of the noted credit range shown. For example, if the course description is Driver Education (1/2 Unit), the credit value is 2.0. If only one digit is in parentheses, such as Biology (1 Unit), that single digit is the default Credit value.
    • For all other State Course codes, the credit value defaults as 1.0.
  4. Update the Credit value for any State Course setup that needs correcting.

The software checks to see whether adding a course to or requesting a course for a student's schedule would cause the student to go over the associated credit limit. The validation is based on completed and in-progress courses. It considers all local courses associated with the State Course code for the course you add or request.

For more information on the options affected, refer to Warning for Students Exceeding State Course Credit Limits.

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