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PEIMS Start of School Year Checklist

This checklist provides information on procedures that are completed at the start of the school year to prepare for PEIMS reporting.




Copy state courses, course equivalencies, and course equivalency definitions from the prior year to the new school year using the Copy Setups utility. Select Administration from the main menu, select Utilities submenu, select Mass Entry & Update, and then select Copy Setups

Select the following fields under Mark Reporting:

  • State Courses
  • Course Equivalency Setup
  • Course Equivalency


If staff date tracking for the Master Schedule was turned off when you scheduled this school year in the Next Year environment, turn it on. Select Administration from the main menu, select Scheduling Setup submenu, select Setup, and then select Scheduling Building Configuration.

Select the Require Course Staff Date Range Entry under Master Schedule.


If staff date tracking for the Master Schedule was turned off, generate staff date tracking records for the current staff assignments in the Master Schedule.


Update the Cohort Year for the incoming ninth grade class. Select Registration from the main menu, select Utilities submenu , select Mass Update, and then select Registration Mass Update.

Select to update under Prompts:

  • Area: Academic
  • Field Name: Federal Grad Year
  • New Value: Enter the current school year.

In the Filter, select Grade = 09 - 09 and Federal Grad Year is blank in separate Actions. This is to set students who are first time 9th graders to have the same cohort year for expected graduation.

Action #1 under Filter:

  • Area: Academic
  • Field Name: Federal Grad Year
  • Condition: Enter the current school year.

Action #2 under Filter:

  • Area: Demographic
  • Field Name: Grade
  • Condition: =
  • Value: 09 - 09

The filter selects students with a blank year so students held over will not have this field updated. You can limit it to other criteria. If you have more than 5000 ninth graders, divide them into groups smaller than 5000.

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