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HB5 Batch Model Process

Career Planner includes a model option for a student so you can compare supplemental requirement groups to a student's completed, scheduled, and requested courses to see if a student has fulfilled the requirements. If the student meets the requirements for a supplemental requirement group, an alert record is created with a code of TXCOMPLETE; this alert does not display on Career Plans as it is not a warning that a plan is incomplete. The model in Career Planner only allows you to process one student at a time. For Texas sites, you can model the supplemental requirement group for multiple students by running the HB5 Batch Model Process.

This utility-only model's supplemental requirement groups are assigned to one of the State Code Equivalent values for endorsements. Refer to Career Planner Procedures for a list of the codes. Also, only students with a Graduation Requirement group equivalent to the Foundation plan with endorsements will have supplemental requirement groups modeled. If a student is assigned to the Foundation plan requirement group, the student will not be processed.


Run the Graduation Requirement calculation followed by the Batch Model Process and the Supplemental Requirement Groups on the Academic page will be updated.

Additionally, you can choose to automatically assign a supplemental requirement group to the student if the student's coursework would fill its requirements.

To run HB5 Batch Model Process

  1. Select Regulatory > Utilities > Utilities > HB5 Batch Model Process. The HB5 Batch Model Process page displays.
  2. Specify the processing options. For more information, refer to the Fields section.
  3. Use the Filter panel to select students.
  4. Click Run.
  5. Use the Tasks/Reports options on the Navigation bar to view task status and retrieve reports.
BuildingSelect the building of the students you want to model.
Save Supplemental Groups to Academic ScreenSelect this checkbox if the student's Supplemental Requirement Group field should be updated if the student's coursework completes the requirements for a supplemental requirement group. If this box is unchecked, then the supplemental requirement groups will be modeled for students in Career Planner, but will not display on the Academic page.
Log Statistics

Indicates the level of detail to include in the log file.


  •  Log Errors Only - to include errors that occur during processing in the log file.
  •  Log All Activity - to include messages for all processing in the log file.
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