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FitnessGram Processing

eSchoolPlus provides the FitnessGram Download and Extract options so you can create a comma-separated values (csv) file which you can load into the Texas FitnessGram state software program.  The file from eSchoolPlus creates the following information in the FitnessGram software:

  • Class rosters for submitted physical education courses, linking staff members with the students they serve.
  • Identifying information for students, staff, and courses.
  • FitnessGram login credentials for staff members and students.
  • Email and physical address information for students and staff.

The checklist below covers setup and procedural prerequisites to follow before you run the FitnessGram Download and Extract.  It then gives steps for creating the extract file.



Implementation Prerequisites

Verify that the Registration Grades table has Federal Equivalency Codes set up for Kindergarten and Grades 01 through 12.
Menu path: Select Administration from the main menu, select Registration Setup submenu, select Setup, and then select Grades.

Periodic Procedures

Keep Staff Unique IDs up to date for teachers. Unique ID is used in the FitnessGram file as the staff identifier.  Refer to the Staff Unique ID Processing section for instructions on requesting Unique IDs and updating eSchoolPlus with data received from TEA.

FitnessGram File Procedures

  1. Run the FitnessGram Download for the course rosters you want to load into the FitnessGram application. 
    Menu path: Select Regulatory from the main menu, select Extracts submenu, select Downloads, and then select FitnessGram Download.
  2. Review the FitnessGram Download log file to see how many download records completed successfully and whether any errors or warnings occurred.
  3. Correct data as needed, then re-run the FitnessGram Download.  The download's Clear all records box lets you delete existing records. This is useful particularly if you originally downloaded records missing key data required in FitnessGram.  The Download log file notes when required data is missing.
  4. When you are satisfied with the downloaded information, run the FitnessGram Extract to produce the final file for submission to Human Kinetics.
    Menu path: Select Regulatory from the main menu, select Extracts submenu, select Extracts, and then select FitnessGram Extract.

Additional Information

The Class ID from the PEIMS Course page will be reported as part of the FitnessGram Download and Extract options to load into the Texas FitnessGram state software program. 

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