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View Score History Window

Use this window to view the history of individual assignments scores, change the history Type of any changed score, and add private notes as a reminder about why the score was changed.

The View Score History dialog can be accessed from the Gradebook Entry, Assignment Detail, or Rubric Score Entry pages. To display, click and then right-click a student score. If your system does not support right-click, click the score, click the Actions/Reports drop-down field on the Gradebook Toolbar, and then select View Score History.

Enter a Score as a Retake
Remove a Retake Indicator from a Score
Enter a Score as a Correction or Adjustment
Change Assignment Score History Type or Adding Private Notes to a Score Change

Fields above the rows of score history display assignment information.

Date Time

The date and time when the score was entered.


The score that was entered at the specified Date Time. This field is read-only.


The reason the score was entered. The original score entered always displays Original Score. Any changed scores are identified with the letters C for correction, A for adjustment, or R for retake. If a score was changed without specifying the type of change, C is assigned by default. You can change the Type of any row other than the Original Score by selecting from the drop-down list. Three options are available:

C - Correction - To identify the change was a correction to the previous score.

A - Adjustment - To identify the change was an adjustment to the previous score.

R - Retake - To identify the change indicates a retake score.

Private Notes

Use this field to enter notes that cannot be viewed by students or guardians. These notes can serve as a reminder about why the score was changed.

Note: Users that can access the gradebook for this course-section can also view these notes. However, students and guardians cannot view these notes from Home Access Center.

Changed By

The login ID of the user who made the changes. If the change was made by someone other than the primary teacher, a red exclamation point displays to the left of the login ID.

The login ID is used to determine if another user made the change. If the teacher shares a login ID with another user, then you cannot see whether or not the primary teacher made the change.

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