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Test Score Entry Page

Enter test score information for students. Your district administrator selected which test scores, if any, that you can enter for students. To add a record for a student, you must enter a test date and at least one of the test scores. The Test Score Entry page is opened by clicking

(Open Test Score Entry page) in the header row of the desired class on the Test Scores View page.

Enter Test Scores for a Class
View Test Scores for Classes

Field Descriptions


Select the test for which you want to enter scores. The test view you selected on View Student Test Scores determines the tests that will be available in this list.

Date Range through

Enter the range of dates for which you want to show existing test score records.

The date range defaults to the full school year.

Test Date

Displays the test date on which the student received the test scores on this row.

To add a test score for a student, enter the date the test was given and enter a score for one of the test score fields. Click

(Pre-load Test Dates with a default date) to populate all bank test dates. A student test record will only be created when you save after entering at least one score for the student.

This date must be within the date range you specified.

To add another test record for the student for another test date, click

(Add new test for student).

Score Fields

The names and number of columns which display are determined by the Test View Setup.

Enter the student's scores in the test score fields.

The columns of test scores are grouped by test-form-level and then by subtest. For example, score fields for the SAT-1-1 test may be divided into a Math subtest and a Verbal subtest.

A test score may display as an input field where you can enter a score, a drop-down field where you can select a code, or a checkbox.

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