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Enter Test Scores

Edit or add standardized test scores for students in a class.

To edit or add student test scores:

  1. Click Performance to open the Test Scores page.
  2. In the Test Score View field, select the test view you want to display.
  3. Click
     (Open Test Score Entry page) in the title bar of the course-section-session, homeroom, or activity for which you want to enter scores. This opens the Test Score Entry page.
  4. In the Date Range fields, enter the date range for the test dates to display.
  5. Click Apply to display test scores for the selected range.
  6. In the Test Date column, enter the test dates for individual students, or click
    (Pre-load Test Dates) to insert a single date in all bank cells in the Test Date column.
  7. Enter test scores as needed for students. A test record will only be created if you enter the test date and at least one test score.
    The columns of test scores are grouped by test-form-level and then by subtest. For example, score fields for the SAT-1-1 test may be divided into a Math subtest and a Verbal subtest.
  8. To add another test record for a student who has already taken the test, click
    (Add new test) for student in the Actions column.
  9. Save changes.
  10. To view scores or enter scores for another class, click
    (Return to View Test Scores).
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