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SSP Student Goals Page

Use this page to view a goal that is part of a student's student success plan (SSP) or to record the student's progress toward completing the goal and its objectives.

Enter Success Plan Goal Progress
Create Student Success Plans

The SSP Goals page includes a Goal Information section and an Objectives section. The Objectives section at the bottom can list multiple objectives, each with its own completion date and comments.

Goal Manager

Name of the staff member responsible for administering and tracking the goal.

Date (Completion Date for Goal)

Date indicating that the goal has been completed. Leave this field blank if the goal is still in progress. Additional completion dates for meeting a goal's objectives appear in the Objectives section.


Title or description of the student's success plan. Click this link to display the SSP Plans page for the plan.

Plan Type

The plan type assigned to the success plan.


Code identifying a goal that is part of the success plan.

Goal Detail

Text describing the goal and its components. This field is limited to 4,000 characters.


The level of the goal, either in itself or in relation to the overall success plan.


Text describing the student's situation at the time the goal was implemented. This field is limited to 4,000 characters.

Comment (for Goal)

Additional comments regarding the student's goal. This field is limited to 255 characters.

District Defined Goal Fields

Any district-defined fields related to the goal will display in the right-hand side of this section.

The objectives defined for the goal are listed below the goal information.

Date (Completion Date for Objective)

Date the objective was achieved.


Description identifying an objective that is part of the goal.

Comment (for Objective)

Comments regarding the objective, regarding either the student's progress or the objective's completion. This field is limited to 4,000 characters.

District-Defined Objective Fields

Your district may define additional fields to track for objectives. These fields will display on a separate line below the Date, Objective, and Comment fields.

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