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SSP Interventions Progress

Use the SSP Interventions page to view or enter progress marks and/or comments for students for the intervention. The frequency that progress can be reported may be different for each student. Students may need progress reported daily, weekly, on selected dates, or only as needed. Regardless of the frequency of progress reporting assigned to a student, you can always create a new intervention progress date to report progress as needed. If you add a note or enter a mark, a progress record is saved for that date.

Click Change to select the intervention you want to enter progress for.

Enter Intervention Progress

Date Range

Select to list a range of dates for the selected intervention. The default date range is the current week.

Specific Date

Select to choose a specific date for the selected intervention. Selecting this option changes the Progress Dates(s) field to the Create New Intervention Progress Date field.

Progress Date(s) / Create New Intervention Progress Date

The Progress Date(s) field displays when Date Range is selected and allows you to enter a range of dates. When Specific Date is selected, The Create New Intervention Progress Date field displays so you can enter a single date. For keyboard shortcuts, refer to Keyboard Shortcuts for Time and Date Fields. Click Refresh after changing dates to update the display.

Show Interventions for Other Teachers

Check to view interventions entered by other teachers. This field displays based on eSchoolPlus success plan configurations.

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