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Refer Classroom Issues

Use this procedure to refer a classroom issue to an administrator. Depending on how the issue is set up, it will be referred as either a conduct referral or a Student Success Plan referral. Once an issue is referred, you can no longer update it, unless the issue is returned to you.

Refer a classroom issue

  1. From Interventions, select Classroom Issues to display the Classroom Issues page.

  2. Click

    to display the Classroom Issues list page.

  3. If the issue you want to refer is not displayed, use the Page or

    (Find Records) options at the bottom of the page.

  4. Click the Issues link for the issue you want to refer.

  5. On the detail page, add information you want to include in the referral.

  6. To link other related issues for the student that you want the disciplinarian to be aware of when considering the referral, click

    (Add a Related Classroom Issue) in the Related Issues section header.
    On the Related Issues window, enter a check in the box for the issues that you want to link. Click OK.

  7. Save changes.
  8. To refer the issue, click

    (Refer a Classroom Issue).

  9. Use the Issues Notes field to enter any additional information you want to include in the referral.

  10. Click Send. After the issue is referred, you will no longer be able to access it unless an administrator returns the issue to you for further action.

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