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How Do I Get Started Using Teacher Access Center (TAC)?

Use these procedures to get started using TAC.

Note: To use TAC, you must have cookies enabled in your browser. If cookies are disabled, you will not be able to use TAC. Contact your system administrator to determine what your browser settings should be.

Sign in to Teacher Access Center:

  1. Follow your district's procedure to launch TAC. For example, your district may provide a Teacher Access Center link from the eSchoolPlus menu or a direct link on your desktop.
    The location of the link to access TAC varies from district to district. Teacher Access Center could be your Home page. Please contact your system administrator for more information on accessing Teacher Access Center for your district

  2. In the Login window, enter your User Name and Password, then click Login.

  3. If the Set Environment page displays, select the Database from the drop-down list.

    • To run TAC in the Summer School environment, check the Summer School box.

    • If you have access to impersonate a user, select the teacher you want to impersonate.

  4. Click OK.

Select a Database

Use this procedure to select a database for a TAC session. Your district may allow you to access more than one database.

  1. Click the User Profile icon and then select Set Environment.

  2. If required, select a database.

  3. To work in the summer school environment, select Summer School. When you are in the summer school environment, the Summer School icon displays next to your sign-in name in the TAC banner.

  4. If you have access to impersonate a user, you may select the user name in the User to Impersonate field. Type in the field to narrow the search results. Click on the teacher you want to impersonate.

  5. Click OK.

Determine my Current Database

If you have access to multiple databases or log on using different usernames, you may want to check which user or database you are accessing.

Click Teacher Access Center in the TAC Banner.

Sign out of Teacher Access Center

The option to sign out of Teacher Access Center was moved into the User menu in the 20.4 release.

For the 20.4 release: Save any changes, click the User Profile icon, and then select Sign Out.

For the 19.11 release: Save any changes, and then click Log Out on the TAC Banner.

Caution: Browsing away from Teacher Access Center will not log you out of TAC. You will remain logged in until you manually log out, or, if your district has enabled the automatic logout feature, when the system detects that the district-specified number of minutes have elapsed since your last activity in TAC.

Additionally, if you have a session of eSchoolPlus open in another browser window when you log out of TAC, you must also close the eSchoolPlus session; otherwise, the system will retain your login information and allow access to TAC without being prompted to log in.

Automatic Logout

Your district determines if the automatic logout feature will log out users after a specified inactivity period in the TAC application.

  • Check with your system administrator to determine if your district has enabled the automatic logout feature.

  • The system default is 30 minutes; but your district may set a different length of time.

Caution: During automatic logout, the system will not save data entry or changes made before logging out the user. Save your work frequently to avoid losing data.

Note: The TAC timeout feature employs Microsoft's slidingExpiration attribute. To minimize database accesses, the timeout feature does not check activity or reset the logout time period until after half of the assigned logout period has expired. Activity after the half logout period point resets the time remaining to the assigned logout time period.

Enable Cookies

Use this procedure to enable cookies. Your browser allows you to set security preferences. The Teacher Access Center cannot override these settings, so you must give it permission to save default information by enabling cookies. Cookies are small pieces of information, no more than 1KB, that are stored on your computer by your web browser. There are two different types of cookies.

  • A session cookie is saved on your computer only for the length of time that you access the set of webpages that use that cookie.

  • A permanent cookie is saved on your computer and remains beyond a single browser session.

The database to which you connect when you log in to the Teacher Access Center is saved by a cookie. This cookie must be saved to use Teacher Access Center.

Since cookies are stored on the computer, they will not be available on another person's computer.

Note: Cookies for multiple users can be saved on the same computer.

Cookies must be enabled for the Teacher Access Center application. Each web browser has its own method for enabling/disabling cookies. If you are unsure as to how to enable cookies for Teacher Access Center on your browser, check with your system administrator.

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