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The Home page is a single location that lets you easily access all the Teacher Access Center (TAC) capabilities. For example, you can quickly access a wide variety of pages from the My Classes pane. Some examples include the Gradebook, Report Card, Interim Progress, Attendance, and Classroom Issues pages. The News pane displays district-published news, and the Reports pane stores links to your previously-run reports.

The TAC banner and the TAC Navigation bar display on all TAC pages to make your workflow efficient. You can access all TAC pages (including pages not accessible from the My Classes pane of the home page) from the TAC Banner and Navigation Bar which display at the top of each TAC page.

The Teacher Access Home page provides access to enter lunch counts, view news, and access your reports.

Enter Lunch Counts
Use Teacher Access Reports

My Classes Pane

The My Classes pane provides a listing of your classes, activities, homerooms, and your student competency groups. Above each grouping of class rows is a building-identifier row that identifies the building and staff member for the course. If you have courses in more than one building, each building will include a building-identifier row above those courses. Course rows may also include icons for additional actions you can take related to the course. The column headers are: Period, Course, Attendance, Grade, Issues, and HAC News (which only displays if your building has HAC News configured).

- Click to display the Emergency Attendance page. This button only displays if the Emergency Attendance feature is enabled.

View selector

The View selector lets you determine what content displays.

Options always include:

  • Current RC Run - all classes (scheduled and/or student competency groups) you teach in the current report card run for the building. It also lists any homerooms assigned to you. The current report card run is based on the building's Mark Reporting configuration.
  • All Classes - all classes (scheduled and/or student competency groups), homerooms, and activities, even if no students are enrolled.
  • My Classes - same as All Classes, except this view excludes classes with no students.
  • Today's Attendance - all classes or homerooms that you takes attendance for on today's date.

Below these items, options are based on the report card runs defined for the building. If you have four RC Runs, you will see RC Run:1, RC Run: 2, RC Run: 3, RC Run: 4. When you select one of these options, the list displays all homerooms and classes you teach in the selected report card run.

(Lunch Counts)

Click to launch the Lunch Counts dialog to enter the total number of students buying a specific lunch option. Your building may configure Lunch Counts to not display on your TAC Home page. When you enter lunch counts, enter the total value. For example, if you had already saved a lunch count that indicated that nine students were buying lunch option A and you needed to update the count to add one more student, you would enter 10 for lunch option A. To save the information entered, click Save. Click X to close.

(Save Settings)


If applicable, the period in which the class meets is listed in this column. If the class is an activity, ACT displays in this column. If the course is a competency group, CPT displays. If the class is an eligibility group, ELI displays.


Each item displayed is also a link to its class roster. To display a tool tip with the cycles, marking period, and meeting room number, move the mouse pointer over the course name. A number of items can be displayed in the Course column, and they include:

    • Your classes. General meeting information about the courses you teach is displayed.
    • Your homerooms.
    • Your activities. If you are the coach or teacher in charge of an activity, a link with the name of the activity is displayed.
    • Your eligibility groups.
    • Your student competency groups. Descriptive names of the student competency groups for which you are responsible for entering student marks are displayed.
      Note: The list of competency groups does not include competencies associated with a course.

My Classes Icons

Use the icons in the columns of the My Classes pane to quickly open TAC pages for the course row. Only the icons for the options that your building uses and are appropriate for the course row will display.


The Attendance column displays icons on rows for classes in which attendance can be taken. If taking attendance is not permitted for a specific row, no buttons appear.

Attendance - Click to open attendance page for this class.

Attendance not taken - To indicate that you took attendance and no students are absent, click this icon.

Attendance was taken - This icon is view-only.


When appropriate, the grade column displays grade-related icons for the course on its row:

Performance Plus - Click to open PerformancePlus (only appears if you district has a PerformancePlus license and the feature has been enabled in TAC)

Gradebook - Click to enter the Gradebook Entry page.

Interim Progress Report- Click to open Interim Progress page. A white checkmark overlay indicates that information has been entered.

Report Card - Click to open Report Card page. A white checkmark overlay indicates that information has been entered.

Competencies - Click to open Competencies page.


Classroom Issues - Click to open Classroom Issues page.

HAC News

HAC News - Click to manage news on the Home Access Center News page. Displays only if your building has HAC News configured.

News Pane

The News pane displays news items from your system administrator to notify teachers and school staff. If your My Classes pane has a large number of rows, you may need to scroll down to view the News pane.

Reports Pane

The Reports pane displays a list of the reports you have run in TAC. Click the name of the report file to open the report. You can right-click on the file name for a variety of print/link/save options (depending on your browser's operation). If your My Classes pane has a large number of rows, you may need to scroll down to view the Reports pane.

To remove a report from this list, click the check box on the report's row, and then click Delete at the bottom of the Reports section. To select or unselect all reports for deletion, click the check box in the column heading row. Subsequent clicks of the column heading row check box will toggle between selecting all or selecting none of the individual reports. You may need to scroll down on the home page to view the Reports pane.

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