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Emergency Attendance

Take and report emergency attendance for all students currently in your classroom. Click Emergency Attendance on the Home page toolbar to display the Emergency Attendance page. It provides immediate access and searching capability for all students in the selected building so you can quickly report which students are in your room, regardless of if they are assigned to any of your classes.

Alphabetical tabs

Click any alphabetical tab to show students whose last name starts within the tab's range.

Marked Present tab

Click to display all students you have marked present.

Select a Room

Select the room for which you are taking emergency attendance. This is a critical selection as it lets the administration know the location for both you and the students that you are reporting present. You cannot save the report without selecting a room.

Find Student to Mark Present

Use this search tool to quickly find students. Enter text in the input field, and select Enter or click

to launch a pop-up window with matching students assigned to the selected building.

On this window:

    • Check Show All Students to also display students not registered in any of your classes.
    • Double click on a name to mark the student present.
    • Click Close to close this pop up.

Important: Do not use the Student Search tool on the upper right of the page.


Click box to mark student present. To remove a check, click again.

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