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Enter Free Text to Print on Student Competency Report Card for Any Student

Use this procedure to add free text comments for a student that you are not responsible for grading. These comments are printed on report cards that include student competencies, not report cards that only include grades for scheduled courses. You can only enter one free text comment per student per marking period.

If you only wish to enter comments for students in competencies assigned to you, refer to Enter Free Text Comments for Student Competencies for a simpler procedure.

Add a free text comment

  1. From Grade Reporting, click Student Competency Free Text to display the Student Competency Free Text Page.
  2. If you need to change the building, click Change Building to display the Building List pop-up, and make your selections.
  3. If the comment applies to a different term, select the new term.
  4. Enter values in the search fields.
  5. Click Search.
  6. If necessary, repeat Steps 2-5 until the desired student displays.
  7. Click the row of the desired student.
  8. Click Add Comment.
  9. On the Free Text Comment window, enter your comments.
  10. To include standardized phrases within your comments, double-click in the Phrase Picker field above the text box. Then select the desired phrase.
    • If the phrase includes the variable #FIRSTNAME#, #LASTNAME#, #MIDDLENAME#, or #GENERATION#, the appropriate part of the student's name will display in place of the variable in the Free Text Comment window and in turn, on the report card itself.
    • If the phrase includes text in the format of #MM/FF#, then the text before the / (slash) will display for male students and the text after / (slash) will display for female students. For example, the variable #He/She# would return He for a male student and She for a female student.
  11. To check spelling, click Spell Check.
  12. Click Save to save your text and close the window.
  13. To add comments for another student in the list, repeat Steps 7-12.
  14. To clear the selected students list, click Clear List.
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