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Email Students and Guardians

You can send email to an individual, a set of individuals, an entire class, or all of your classes. You can also enter email addresses directly and attach files to the email. Each recipient will receive a separate email which lists only his or her email address and the sender's email address.

Your district can configure Teacher Access Center to send email from a generic account. If the email is sent from a generic email address, your district may append a statement to your email to indicate that parents and students cannot reply to the email.

Note: Your district's Teacher Access Center setup may require that your staff record has a email address entered before you can access or use this page.

Send email

  1. From Class Management, click Email to open the Email page.

  2. Click To; this opens the Select Recipients window which lists your classes.

  3. Select the type of recipients in Send To: You can select Students, Guardians, or Both. This selection determines which individuals can be selected in next step.

  4. Choose the recipients by selecting the appropriate boxes. For details on selecting recipients, refer to Select Recipients Window.
    Note: You cannot select a student or guardian that does not have an email address stored in the eSchoolPlus System. Their names will display, but you cannot select them. 

  5. After selecting recipients, click Close. The selected recipients will appear in the field adjacent to the To button.

  6. Add any additional recipients by typing email addresses in the Also field. You may use either semicolons or commas (but not both) to separate email addresses.

  7. Enter the subject.

  8. Enter the email text.

  9. If you want to add attachments, refer to Add attachments below.

  10. Click Send to send the email to the selected individuals. An individual email will be sent to each recipient (NOT an email with multiple addresses that display in the recipient's To field).

Add attachments

  1. Click Browse or Choose File (depending on your browser), to display the browser's file selection pop-up.
  2. Select the file, and close the browser's file selection pop-up.
    Check with your system administrator to determine what file type and size limits are enforced in your district/building.
  3. Click Attach File to attach the selected file.
  4. Repeat this process to attach additional files.
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