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Use the Email page (Class Management > Email) to email an individual student or guardians, a set of individuals, an entire class, or all classes you are responsible for. You can also enter additional email addresses and attach files. Each recipient will receive a separate email which lists only their address and the sender's email address.

Your district can configure Teacher Access Center to send email from a generic account. If the email is sent from a generic email address, your district may append a statement that the email cannot be replied to.

Note: Your district's Teacher Access Center setup may require that an email address be stored in your staff record before you can access or use this page.

Send Email to Students and Guardians

Fields on the Email Page


To open the Select Recipients Window and select email recipients, click To. This grid lists your classes so you can select students and/or guardians.

The field that displays selected recipients is read-only and displays the addresses that have been selected from the Select Recipients pop-up.

To add recipients who are not in your class, enter the email addresses in the Also field separated by either a comma or semicolon.

Editor Toolbars

When HTML format is selected, two rows of editor buttons display in the blue-shaded email body section. A single row of buttons displays when Plain Text is selected. Click

on the top row of buttons for button descriptions (this icon only displays when in HTML mode).

Note: Not all options displayed in the button description table are implemented in TAC email.

Preview, HTML, Design Tabs

  • HTML to view the message with all HTML tags displayed. Editor buttons are disabled after clicking HTML, and you can then only edit the file as a text file with HTML tags. This button only displays when HTML is selected in the Format drop-down selection.
  • Design to return the Email page to its standard (compose) mode.
  • Preview to view the email's format as it will appear in an HTML viewer (typically, an email application). The editor buttons are disabled after clicking Preview. This button only displays when HTML is selected in the Format drop-down selection.
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