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About Score History

Each assignment score change in TAC is logged as a correction, adjustment, or retake. You can change a score multiple times, and TAC keeps a history record of each change. You can also add private comments to any change as a reminder of why the score was altered.

Scores that have any retake changes display

 when the page's History/Retake indicator is selected (
 displays even if the most recent change was not a retake). The correction and adjustment indicator types are provided to allow you to distinguish correction/adjustment changes. Scores that have only changes or adjustments display the
indicator when the History/Retake indicator is selected.

You can also access a dialog from a changed score to view all changes, change the score history type for any score changes, or add a private comment to any score change. Refer to View Score History for details.

Refer to Working with Assignment Score History for procedures to record, view, change, or document score changes.

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