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Verifying Unverified Absences

Use this procedure to display students whose attendance information must be verified. For example, if your district requires attendance to be verified by the office, you can display a list of students where only teacher entries exist. After contacting parents to verify the absences, you can update bottom line attendance per your district's standards. Remember that your district selects whether Teacher or Office is bottom line.

The View Unverified Absences button is a utility to help districts that require bottom line attendance verification. Make sure you understand your district's attendance policies before using this procedure. For more information, refer to Understanding Bottom Line Attendance.

Verify unverified attendance information

  1. Select Attendance > All > Office > Attendance Entry.
  2. Click Unverified.
  3. In the Selections panel, select the Building, Periods, and Attendance Dates, then click Load to display students whose attendance information needs to be verified.
    For field descriptions, refer to Attendance Entry Page.
  4. In the Students panel, enter Default Absence and Tardy codes.
    If you do not want default codes applied to the students with unverified absences, select No Default. This is especially important if you do not want default information to overwrite attendance information already in the system. 
  5. Enter the verified bottom line attendance as needed.
    • To mark the student present, select the checkbox in the P column.
    • To enter a specific absence code, make sure the checkboxes in the A, T, and P columns are not selected, then select the appropriate attendance code in the Code field.
    • To mark the student tardy, select the checkbox in the T column.
  6. When you are done entering attendance information, click Save.
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