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Understanding Bottom Line Attendance

The term bottom line attendance refers to the official attendance record that is maintained by the system for state reporting, report cards, and other purposes. Since attendance usually can be recorded by both office staff and teachers, a method is needed for giving one source priority over the other when different records are entered for the same student, attendance period, and date.

In eSchoolPlus, the Bottom Line Type field in your Attendance Building Configuration can be set to either Office or Teacher to enable the system to determine which record should be considered official when there are conflicting entries. If only one attendance record is entered - by either the office or a teacher - then that record becomes the bottom line entry, regardless of the Bottom Line Type setting.


  1. The Attendance Configuration's Bottom Line Type for a district's high school building is set to Office.
  2. The teacher for attendance period 1 does not see an attendance entry for a student who is not present and assigns UN - Unexcused as the absence code.
  3. The student's mother contacts the high school after attendance period 1 has started to report that her son is ill. The office assigns EX - Excused as the student's absence code for the day's attendance periods.
  4. The system now has two records for attendance period 1. Because the building's Bottom Line Type is Office, the system retains the office's EX - Excused entry as the bottom line record for the attendance period.
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