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Test Summary Page

Use this page to view a summary of the student's test scores on one page. Each test is displayed in a separate panel. The test information displayed includes the test date and the student's building, age, and grade at the time of the test.

The system administrator selects the tests and scores to display on this page. Therefore, you may not see all standardized test information for the student on this page. Additionally, you may need to have security access to view the test. To see all tests for a student, use the Test History by Student option.

By default, this page only shows tests the student has taken.

Menu Path: Test Scores > All > Student > Test Summary

View student's test score summary

View test scores by student

View test scores by test

Add test score results by student

Add test score results by test

Change test score results for student

Delete test results for student

Delete test results for multiple students

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