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Test History By Student Page

Use this page to view the tests a student has taken. Tests are listed by test date, test, level, form, and description. Click the link to display the student's test scores.

View student's test score summary

View test scores by student

View test scores by test

Add test score results by student

Add test score results by test

Change test score results for student

Delete test results for student

Delete test results for multiple students


Student Information Bar

The bar, which displays on all student pages just below the Home icon and Menu button, includes options to view the student's alerts, attachments, and notes and to email the student's teachers and guardians.

Student Test History Panel



Test Date

Date the student took the test.


Test, level, and form for the test the student took.


Description of the test.


To delete a record, select the row's Delete checkbox, then click Save.
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