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Re-enroll Student Page

Use this page to re-enroll a student that was previously registered in your district. The Re-enroll Students page, modeled after the Add Student Page, displays enrollment information and enables address changes and Geo Code building associations.

When you select the Add Student option and search for a duplicate student, the Duplicate Student Search page displays possible student matches that were previously or currently enrolled on its Search Results panel. If the student is inactive, the Re-Enroll button displays on their row. Click the button to re-enroll the student using the Re-enroll Student page.

If the Use step-by-step process for enrollment checkbox is selected on the Registration District Configuration Page, a step-by-step re-enrollment process begins after the Re-enroll Student page is saved. This process is identical to the add new student processing where a defined sequence of student pages is automatically displayed for users.

For an overview of the student enrollment process, refer to About Enrolling Students.


Student Panel

All fields except Grade are read-only.



Student ID

The student's identification number.

Your District Configuration settings determine whether the Student ID is assigned at the District or Building level; whether you manually enter an ID number or the system generates an ID number when you save the record; and whether your district allows you to override automatically assigned Student IDs. The district can also specify the length of the ID number. Character/10


The student's grade.

First Name

The student's first name. Character/30

Middle Name

The student's middle name. Character/30

Last Name

The student's last name. Character/30


The student's generation code, such as JR for Junior.


The student's nickname, such as Bill for William. Character/30

Home Language

Primary language spoken at home.

Native Language

Language the student speaks as their native language. For information about this field, refer to state reporting documentation.


The student's gender.

Birth Date

The student's birth date.


The student's age, calculated from the entered Birth Date.

Addresses Panel

Student Section

Mailing Addresses Section

The fields that display are based on whether your District Definition page has Simple Address Format checked and whether your Registration District Configuration page requires a street prefix/suffix.

For the mailing address, if there is a PO Box without a street address, enter the PO Box information in the Street field, for example, PO Box 1234. If the address does include a street name and number, enter the PO Box information in the apartment Complex field.




The apartment number. Character/10


The apartment or housing complex name. Character/255

House Number (unlabeled)

The house number. Character/10

Street Prefix (unlabeled)

The street's prefix, such as East or West. Only displays if your district uses complex address formats and requires a street prefix/suffix.

Street (unlabeled)

If your district uses complex address formats, the street name excluding the prefix or suffix. Character/50

If your district uses simple address formats, the full street name, including any prefix, suffix, and street type, for example, West Broad Street. Character/255

Street Type (unlabeled)

The type of street, such as ST, DR, or AVE. Only displays if your district uses the complex address format.

Street Suffix (unlabeled)

The street suffix, such as Northeast or Southwest. Only displays if your district uses the complex address format and requires a street prefix/suffix.

City (unlabeled)

The contact's city. Character/255

State (unlabeled)

The contact's state.

Zip Code (unlabeled)

The contact's five or nine-digit zip code. Character/9

  • If the zip code field is blank after you select a plan area, enter the code. Your ability to change the code depends on your district's setup.
  • If the zip code was provided through a GeoCode plan area, the code appears in light gray numerals and cannot be changed. Otherwise, the numerals are in black, in which case you can access the field and change the code as needed.


Name of the development associated with the address. Character/255

Delivery Point

The two digits used for the address's delivery point. Typically, this is the last two digits of the value entered in the House Number field.

You only need to enter a delivery point if your district prints a delivery point barcode on mailings. Character/2

Physical Address Section

If the Physical Address section does not display, then the student's physical and mailing address are the same. To enter a physical address that is different from the mailing address, select

 (Additional options) at the top right of the Student section and click Different Physical Address. If the addresses were previously different and are now the same, select
 (Additional options) and click Same as Mailing Address.

Transportation Section



Transport to school

Checked if the student is transported to school from this address.

Transport from school

Checked if the student is transported from school to this address.

Geo Code Information Section

If a plan area has been selected, the Plan Area Number and the Home Building Type display.



 (Additional options) and select Search Plan Areas to assign the student to a building and determine their Building of Residence. You can select No Plan Area if, for example, you know the student lives outside the district.

Plan Area Number

The Plan Area Number of the student's address. This field is display-only.

Home Building Type

Displays the Building of Residence Type for the selected Plan Area, for example, Secondary Language Building or Primary Building of Residence. This field is display-only.

Enrollment Panel

If your district has program-tracked fields that are defined to absolutely link with Entry/Withdrawal, then these fields will display at the bottom of this panel.




The code and name of the building in which the student is enrolled.

Building of Residence

Only displays if your district uses Geo Code. The student's default building assignment for the current year based on the Geo Code plan area and grade level.

Override Building of Residence

Only displays if your district uses Geo Code. If you want to place the student in a different building, select the appropriate override in this field.


L - Locked - to indicate the student is assigned to a building other than the building of residence and the override was set by a user.
R - Needs Review - to indicate the student is assigned to a building other than the building of residence and user review is necessary.
N - No Override - to indicate there is no override. The student is enrolled in the building of residence.

Override Reason

Only displays if your district uses Geo Code. If you select a different building in the Building field, select the appropriate reason for overriding the default assignment, for example, if your district has a code for Parent Request.

An override reason is required if you selected L - Locked in the Override Building of Residence field, but not required if you selected R - Needs Review.


The calendar that determines the attendance and membership days when the student should be attending school.

Entry Type

Indicates when the student is entering the district, such as current school year or summer school, or if the student is pre-registering for next year.

Entry Code

The reason the student is entering the district.

Entry Date

The date the student entered district.

Based on your district’s configuration, the system may perform validations for the Entry and Withdrawal Dates recorded here. This system-checking is based on:

  • Entry/Withdrawal Cutoff Date – Your district may use a cutoff date to prevent enrollment and withdrawal of students up to and including the specified date. This feature protects enrollment figures in your state reports.
  • Entry/Withdrawal Membership Day Rule – Your district may require that all Entry and Withdrawal Dates occur on membership days. Membership days are dates when a student is supposed to be in school, as defined by the student’s calendar.

Program Tracked Fields

If your district has program-tracked fields that are defined to absolutely link with Entry/Withdrawal, then these fields will display at the bottom of this panel. Absolute linking indicates that the start and end dates for the program must match the student's entry and withdrawal dates in Entry/Withdrawal.


Enter comments related to the student's re-enrollment. Click

(Expand) or
(Collapse) to display or hide the comments section.

Regular School Year Entry Withdrawal History Panel

This panel displays the student's entry/withdrawal records.

Summer School Year Panel

This panel displays the student's Summer School entry/withdrawal records.

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