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Print Success Plan Referral Reports

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Use the Success Plan Referral Report window to generate printable reports for each student involved in a success plan referral that originated as a classroom issue in TAC. The report provides the names of students, teachers, counselors, and coordinators, as well as issue types, issue dates, notes, and other details.

The Success Plan Referral Report window provides several options for tailoring the report to specific situations. You can:

  • Determine whether to send the report to students' addresses or their designated contacts. The report prints in portrait format with the address line positioned for a #10 window envelope.
  • Include sections on the teacher's corrective actions (where applicable) and the incident's referral history.
  • Choose to include signature lines for parents or guardians to sign.
  • Include either issues related to the current issue; all issues for the student in the related class, homeroom, or activity; or all issues for the student in all classes.
  • Include header and footer text.
  • Sort the report by either coordinator or student names.

Print reports for success plan referrals

  1. Select Interventions > All > Office > Success Plan Referrals.
  2. If needed, enter criteria on the search page for a Simple or Advanced Search, and then click Load.
    • To run a report for all of the referrals listed, click
       (Additional options) on the Success Plan Referral Search Page, and then select Printable.
    • To run a report for a specific referral, click the referral's Type link to display the Success Plan Referral Page, click
       (Additional options), and then select Printable.
  3. On the Success Plan Referral Report window, specify the report options. For field descriptions, refer below.
  4. Click Run.
  5. Use the Tasks/Reports options on the Navigation bar to view task status and retrieve reports.

Sample Success Plan Referral Report Page




Mailing Referral Report

Indicates which type of address to print for each student.


Send referral to student address - to include the student's mailing address.
Send referral to those flagged in registration - to include mailing addresses for contacts designated for Success Plan in the student's Contact page.

Primary Sort On


Coordinator - to sort report pages by coordinators' names.
Student - to sort report pages by students' names.

Include Sections on Report

Checkboxes for specifying additional sections to include on each report:

Include Teacher Corrective Actions - Checked if a section should be included providing details on the actions taken by teachers, as recorded in TAC.
Include Referral Information - Checked if a section should be included listing each issue's referral \history.
Include Signature Lines - Checked if a line should be included at the end of the report for the guardian to sign.

Related Issues

This field allows you to include related issues for success plan referrals.


Do not show related issues - to not include any related issues.
Include all class issues for this student - to include all issues on record for each student regardless of teacher.
Include issues for this student in this class - to include all issues from the course, homeroom, or activity related to the current issue.
Include related issues - to include previous issues selected by the teacher as related to the current issue.

Header text

Enter text to appear at top of the report, just below the student address and general information section. Character/255

A default header may display. If needed, you can modify the default text.

Footer text

Enter text to appear at bottom of the report, just above the signature line. Character/255

A default footer may display. If needed, you can modify the default text.

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