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Overview of Student Transfer Records

When students transfer to your district, you can enter historical mark reporting information for prior school years for transfer buildings. Your district policies determine how you enter records for transfer students. For example, if your district does not print transfer courses on the transcript, your district may choose not to have you enter course information.

To record information for courses taken out of the district, you will enter:

  • Building information for each building where the student previously took courses. When you add a transfer building record for a student, you can specify the school year and report card runs when the student was enrolled in the building.
  • GPA information for the GPA and rank information provided by previous buildings. Your district may choose to enter only one GPA record that stores cumulative information or to enter a GPA record for every ranking period that corresponds to the course records provided by transfer districts.
  • Mark reporting information for the courses taken in previous buildings. You can store mark and absence information for transfer courses. Your district may choose not to store course information for transfer students.

Understanding How eSchoolPlus Creates Transfer Records

  1. For each unique building per school year, you add a transfer building on the Transfer Building page. For a building, you specify the school year and report card runs for which you want to enter transfer information for this building.
    Make sure that you select the correct report cards runs. The selected report cards runs determine which GPA records are created and which mark slots are available for you to enter marks. Once you save the record, you cannot add additional report card runs or remove report card runs for a building. You would have to delete the transfer building record and re-add it if you need to correct report card run information.

    When you save a transfer building:
    • A Student Transfer Building record is created that stores the building information you entered.
    • Student Transfer Runs records are created for all selected report card runs for the building.
    • GPA records are created for all GPA types which end in one of the selected runs. For example, to create a yearly GPA record for the building, the last report card run of the year must be selected when you add a transfer building.
    • If the student already has a GPA record for a GPA Type for the runs included for this building, a new GPA record is not created.

  2. You add the courses for the building on the Transfer Courses page. Enter the subject area, credit, and mark information as appropriate for each course.

    When you save transfer courses:
    • Master Schedule records are created. A unique section code is assigned to the course so this student will be the only student with course records for the course-section. You can edit Master Schedule information for the transfer course by clicking Additional options and selecting the Master Schedule Course Information option of the Mark Reporting Detail page.
      Marking period records are only created for marking periods for which you entered at least one mark. For example, if a student was in a transfer building for RC runs 1, 2, 3, and 4 and you only enter a mark for the Semester mark issued in marking period 2, the course will be created as meeting in marking period 2 only. If you only enter a mark for a mark type that is issued once per year, then you must indicate the marking period that the course ends. The course will be created as meeting in only the marking period indicated.
    • Mark reporting records are created for the mark and credit information entered.
      Earned credit for a course is set to the attempted credit by default and is set to override credit calculations. If the transcript view for the transfer building includes the Earned Credit field, you can change the value on the Transfer Courses page.
      If your district uses course equivalencies, course equivalency records will be created to store the state code and associated course-section(s).

  3. If you selected to calculate the GPA on the save, the course information will be included in totals for the appropriate GPA records.
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