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Notifications Database Tables

A system administrator or user with the required security can check the database tables listed below to verify results of triggered notifications and for troubleshooting purposes.

Notification database tables are populated when the district and building notification setups are updated; when eSchoolPlus users subscribe to notifications; and when notifications are generated by the Notifications engine and received by subscribed users.

  • If records are not being removed from the P360_NotificationSchedule database table, there may be an issue with the PLUS 360 Notifications engine and configuration.
  • If records are being removed from the P360_NotificationSchedule database table by the PLUS 360 Notifications engine, and no notification is being received, check the notification's settings in the District, Building, and user Notification Subscription setups.

For additional information to help troubleshoot notifications questions and issues, refer to Troubleshooting Notifications.

Tables populated when notifications are processed

The following tables hold the results of the notification process:



    • The P360_NotificationSchedule table should be emptied almost immediately if the Notification engine is working properly.
    • The P360_NotificationResultSet table holds the Notification Category record for the given notification that was generated and the P360_NotificationResultsetUser table holds the record(s) for the users that should receive a notification based on the users subscription to the notification.
    • The P360_NotificationResultSet table and P360_NotificationResultsetUser table records are linked together based on the PNRS_ID value from the P360_NotificationResultSet table.

Tables populated with district and building notifications setup information

The following tables are populated when the District and Building Notification Setups are created and updated via eSchoolPlus system setup:







Tables populated with user subscriptions to notifications

The following tables are populated when an eSchoolPlus user subscribes to any of the notifications that the user has access to based on the user's security:



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