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Locker Assignment Page

On this page:

Use this page to mass assign students to lockers or to mass update locker combinations. When assigning lockers, you can choose to assign lockers to all selected students or only to students who do not have a current locker assignment. You can also filter to restrict which students in the building will be assigned lockers. For example, you could apply the assignment only to tenth grade students whose names begin with A through D. Lockers with the most restrictions (as identified on the Locker Detail page) are assigned first, and are only assigned to students who meet all of the restrictions for those lockers.

When updating locker combinations, you can filter to determine which lockers are part of the assignment pool. For example, you could filter lockers to a specific location as identified on the Locker Detail page.

Mass update locker combinations

This procedure updates the combination of all selected lockers to either to a specific sequence number or to the next number in a stored list. The stored list of combinations displays on the Combinations panel of Locker Detail page. Only one combination in this list can be the active/current combination.


Updating locker combinations does not update the student's record, so the updated locker combination from this procedure will not display on the student's Personal page. The Mass Assign Students to Lockers procedure does update locker combinations in student's Personal pages and should follow the combinations update.

  1. Select Registration > Utilities > Tools > Locker Assignment.
  2. On the Prompts panel, specify how to update combinations.
    • Select Update Current Combinations.
    • Select to either roll the current combination to the next number or to set the current combination (of all selected lockers) to a specific number.
    • If you selected to set the combination to a specific number, enter the combination.
  3. To limit lockers to be updated, enter values in the Locker Filter panel.
  4. Click Run.

Mass assign students to lockers

If you plan to update locker combinations, perform that step before assigning students.

  1. Select Registration > Utilities > Tools > Locker Assignment.
  2. On the Prompts panel, specify how you want to assign lockers.
    • Select Assign Students.
    • To assign lockers to both students with and without a current locker assignment, check Replace Existing Lockers for Students. If unchecked, students with locker assignments are unaffected and only students that do not have locker assignments will be assigned lockers when the program is run.
    • To filter to only include certain students in the mass assignment, enter values in the Student Filter panel's fields.
  3. Select Assign Students.
  4. Click Run.


Prompts Panel




Select the building of the students to include in the report.

Updates To Perform

Select to assign students or update current locker combinations.

Assign Students - to assign students in the selected building to the available lockers in the building. This assignment takes into account the restrictions placed on each locker in the Locker Detail page. Student records are updated when the program is run with this option selected.
Update Current Combinations - to change the selected lockers combinations. When selected, the two options below display:
Roll current combination to the next number - to roll the combination to the next combination in the list of the Combinations panel of the Locker Detail page. Only displays when Update Current Combinations is selected.
Set current combination to a specific number - to set all selected lockers to the same sequence number in the list on the Combinations panel of the Locker Detail page. Only displays when Update Current Combinations is selected.


The Update Current Combinations option only changes the combination assigned to the locker when this program is run. Student records of any student that is assigned to the locker are not updated to reflect the new combination; they are only updated when this program is run with the Assign Students option selected.

Replace Existing Lockers for Students

Checked if you want the system to re-assign lockers for all students. If unchecked, only students that do not have lockers assigned will be assigned lockers.

Log Statistics

Determines the amount of information to include in the log file. Choices are:

Only Students Not Assigned - to only list the students who were not assigned a locker.
All Students - to list each student and the locker they were assigned.

Sort Panel

Use the Sort panel to specify how records should be ordered in a report. You enter lines of sort criteria; the system compares your sort criteria against the corresponding fields in the records being searched and displays records in either ascending or descending order based on the sort fields.

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