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Interval Totals Calculation Page

On this page:

Use this page to run the Interval Totals Calculation for attendance for the views and intervals selected. The totals are used for printing attendance information on report cards and transcripts.

The system calculates the totals based on attendance code, district group, or state group, whichever applies, depending on your Attendance Intervals setup (Administration > Attendance > Setup > Attendance Intervals). The totals also depend on the converted day total codes created by Attendance's Day Totals Calculation (Attendance > All > Utilities > Day Totals Calculation).

For an attendance interval set up to sum by:

  • Attendance code: The calculation creates totals for each code designated in the Convert to Code field in the selected attendance views.
  • State or District group: The calculation creates totals for each converted code (from the attendance view) that is included in a state or district group. An attendance code is associated with a state group and district group in Attendance Codes (Administration > Attendance > Setup > Attendance Codes). The results are totaled into the state or district group name.
    Example: An attendance view could have two converted codes, EXC and UNX. These might be totaled into two district groups, EXC and UNX, but only one state group, ABS.


  1. Verify that all attendance information related to the calculation has been entered. If teachers enter attendance in Teacher Access Center, run Attendance > All > Reports > Missing Submission to see who has not submitted data.
  2. Run Attendance > All > Utilities > Attendance Error Scan for all buildings and dates included in your calculation.
  3. Correct invalid attendance, if necessary.
  4. Rerun the Error Scan to ensure attendance changes are valid.
  5. Run Attendance > All > Utilities > Day Totals Calculation.

Run Interval Totals Calculation

  1. Make sure you are in the correct environment. You can run the calculation for the regular school year or summer school.
  2. Select Attendance > All > Utilities > Interval Totals Calculation.
  3. Specify the calculation options.
  4. Click Run.


Prompts Panel




Building for which you want to calculate interval totals.

View Types

Select the view types for running the calculation.

Select codes from the field's drop-down list, or click

(asterisk) to select all codes, then remove any that do not apply.

Run Calculation

Indicates the time range for running the calculation.


For Current Interval(s) Only - to run the calculation for the current intervals only. Prior and future intervals will not be processed.
For all Intervals for the Entire Year - to run the calculation for all intervals for the entire year.
For Interval - to select the interval to run the calculation for. You can only choose intervals associated with the selected views.

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