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Day Totals Calculation Page

On this page:

Use this page to run the attendance day totals calculation for the views and time or date interval selected. The calculation converts attendance information into day totals records for selected students who meet the absence criteria in the specified views.

Register reports use these totals to report student attendance information. Additionally, the calculated day totals and membership totals are used in some state reporting options and also can be used for attendance notifications.

You must run this program before running the Interval Totals Calculation.

For an illustration of how attendance records translate into day totals information, refer to Overview of Attendance Records.


If your building takes attendance based on scheduling periods or timeslots, day totals information will generate only for students who are scheduled.


  1. Verify that all attendance information you want to include in the calculation has been entered. If teachers enter attendance in Teacher Access Center, run Attendance > All > Reports > Missing Submission to see who has not submitted data.
  2. Run Attendance > All > Utilities > Attendance Error Scan for all buildings and dates included in your calculation.
  3. Correct invalid attendance, if necessary.
  4. Rerun the Error Scan to ensure attendance changes are valid.

Run Day Totals Calculation

  1. Make sure you are in the correct environment. You can run the calculation for the regular school year or summer school.
  2. Select Attendance > All > Utilities > Day Totals Calculation.
  3. Specify the calculation options.
  4. Click Run.


Prompts Panel




Select the buildings to use in the attendance calculation.

Select codes from the field's drop-down list, or click

(asterisk) to select all codes, then remove any that do not apply.

View Types

Select the view types for running the calculation.

Select codes from the field's drop-down list, or click

(asterisk) to select all codes, then remove any that do not apply.

Run Option

Indicates the time range for the calculation.


From Time Last Calculated To Today - to run the calculation from the date it was last calculated for the selected students through today's date.

For Entire Year - to run the calculation for all intervals for the entire year.

For Interval - to select the interval to run the calculation for. The intervals available are determined by the selected views.

Following are additional considerations pertaining to your selection:

  • If you use the From Time Last Calculated to Today option, the calculation updates day totals information for attendance records with change dates later than a student's Last Calculated Date, in addition to standard processing. This includes attendance records for dates prior to the Last Calculated Date.
    Example: Day totals were last calculated for Andrew Allentown on 03/10/2015 using the view type of Class to Daily. This calculation included an attendance record for an unexcused absence in period 1 on 03/01/2015. On 03/12/2015, this attendance record was changed from unexcused to tardy. If you process day totals using the From Time Last Calculated to Today option for the Class to Daily view type and you include Andrew, the calculation will update day totals to reflect the change to the 03/01 record even though it falls before the Last Calculated Date.
  • If your calendar has membership days that changed to non-membership days, you should run the calculation using the For Entire Year option. This corrects day total records for your students.


Membership information associated with day totals is calculated by the system when needed. It is not calculated by the Attendance Day Totals Calculation option.

  • If you need to change the selected environment, use the Set Environment option. You can run the calculation for the regular school year or summer school.
  • If you are calculating totals as minutes, you can include passing time by entering a check in the Include Passing Time box on the Attendance View Information page.
Task/Report NameEnter the file name for the day totals log file. The default name is Attendance Day Totals Calculation. Character/255

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