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Home Page Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the Enrollment widget's Total Enrollment for Today and the Attendance widget's Total Membership values different?

These totals will be different if the current date is not a membership day for some students. The Total Enrollment for Today includes all active students and the Total Membership includes only students for whom the day is a membership day.

Why does the number of Total Conduct Referrals go down instead of up?

The total only includes referrals that have a status of R (for referred). After a user changes the status of the referral by returning it to the teacher, resolving it, or creating an incident, the referral will no longer be included in the total shown on the widget.

The totals seem too high for my building. It looks like I'm seeing more buildings. How can I just see mine?

The At Risk, Success Plan, Test Scores widgets show data for the entire district. There is no way to limit these widgets.

For other widgets, the totals reflect information for all buildings for which you have security for the dashboard. Your administrator may be able to adjust your security so you can see totals for a specific building.

How do I get the Test Scores widget to show just the scores for students in the user's home building?

The widget includes all buildings. It does not support the ability to show results for a single building.

Can News items include HTML?

Yes. Refer to the News Page.

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