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News Page

On this page:

Use this page to add or change items that display in the News section of the eSchoolPlus and TAC Home pages for users in your district. For example, you may use a news item to notify users that there is server maintenance to be done on a specific date.

You can indicate a date range when the item should be displayed for users. You can select whether the message is displayed for teachers, office employees, or both teachers and office employees.

Add news items

  1. Select My eSchoolPlus > All > Entry > News.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Complete fields as needed. You can use HTML to format News items.
  4. Click Save.

Change news items

  1. Select My eSchoolPlus > All > Entry > News.
  2. On the search page, search for the item, then click its link.
  3. Change values as needed.
  4. Click Save.

Delete news items

  1. Select My eSchoolPlus > All > Entry > News.
  2. On the search page, search for the item.
  3. Select the 
     (Delete) checkbox for each record to delete.
  4. Click Save.
  5. To confirm the delete, click Yes on the confirmation prompt. Otherwise, click No.


News Item Panel




Text that displays as the headline for the news item. Character/255

The headline is used to sort how news items display on the Home page. News items are sorted by effective date with the most recent items at the top. If multiple items have the same effective date, the items are sorted in ascending alphabetical order by headline.


Text of the news item. Character/6000

You can use HTML tags in your text to format the message. For more information, including the list of supported HTML tags, refer to HTML Formatting for News Items.

Effective Date

Date that the news item becomes effective. The effective date is used to sort news items on the Home page so that the most recent items are displayed at the top of the news.

Items do not display if the effective date is after the current date.

Expiration Date

Date that the news item should no longer be displayed on the Home page. For example, if you want to notify users about scheduled maintenance to occur on Friday 12/10/2016, you could enter an expiration date of 12/10/2016 so that the news item would not display after the maintenance was scheduled to occur.

If you want the news item to display indefinitely, do not enter an expiration date.

Building List

Select the buildings of the users and/or teachers you want to see the news item.

Select codes from the field's drop-down list, or click

(asterisk) to select all codes, then remove any that do not apply.

News For

Checked if the news item should display for the indicated type of user.

  • If you check the Office Employees box, all users who have a security record for one of the selected buildings will see the news item on the Home page in eSchoolPlus if they have selected to display News on their Home page.
  • If you check the Teachers box, users who are entered as staff members for one of the selected buildings will see the news items on the Home page in Teacher Access Center.
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