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Holding a Student's Report Card

If a student should not receive a report card when the student has unpaid student fees or has not returned all outstanding library books, you can put a hold on a student's report card.

To hold a student's report card, select the Academic page's Report Card on Hold checkbox. When the checkbox is selected, the student's current report card does not display in Home Access Center. If you print report cards, you must enter a filter when you generate the data warehouse to exclude students for whom you have selected to hold the report card.

Hold a Student's Report Card

  1. Update the student's Academic information (Registration > Entry & Reports > Student Demographic > Academic) and enter a check in the Report Card on Hold checkbox.
  2. When you generate the data warehouse, use the following filter to exclude students whose report card should be held:
    • Area: Academic
    • Field Name: Hold Report Card
    • Condition: <> (is not equal to)
    • Value: N
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