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eSchoolPlus Release

New Features

The following changes have been added in this release.

AreaFeature TitleDescriptionLearn More
Teacher Access CenterZoom Attendance

Administrators can build a Zoom app for an integration with Zoom which will track student check-ins based on the participants joining class meetings. As students check-in, the teacher can see the updates on the list of students on the Student Check-In page. After the teacher has decided that most students have joined, the teacher can click Submit Attendance to navigate from the Student Check-In page to the Entry by List page with attendance entered for the students who did not check-in for the class. They can review the attendance information and make corrections as needed and save the attendance.


  • The Zoom Verification Token information for the district can be added to the District Information window in the District Configuration Utility.                 
  • The Client ID and Client Secret for Zoom integration can be entered for the district in the Virtual Meeting Integration fields in the District Definition. The redirect URL required for the integration is provided when the client values are saved.
  • The eSchoolPlus API has new endpoints to receive responses from the Zoom application as participants join the meeting and when the teacher ends the meeting.
  • The Attendance Building Configuration has the option Teachers/Substitutes May Use Check-In Page to enable/disable Zoom Attendance for teachers.
  • The HAC Building Configuration Week View panel has options to enable students to check-in manually from HAC and to show meeting links for their classes.


  • The Check-In menu option has been added to the Attendance menu.
  • The Home page includes a column with the option to go to the Student Check-In page. These options are only visible when the Teachers/Substitutes May Use Check-In Page is enabled on the Attendance Building Configuration page and when attendance can be taken for a class.
  • Teacher can use the Student Check-In page so they can view student participants as they enter Zoom and check-in from Home Access Center, if enabled.
  • The Student Check-In Page Settings menu includes the Virtual Meeting URL option to associate the virtual meeting application with TAC.
  • The Student Check-In Page includes a Settings option for the teacher to authenticate with Zoom.
  • Teachers can now launch Zoom by clicking Start Meeting on the Student Check-In page.
  • A History Icon displays in the Check-In column of the Student Check-In page when there are multiple check-ins for that student. Click the icon to display the history showing the check-in time and source for the student/course/date.
  • If a student signs in with an email that does not match any of the student’s associated email addresses for the district, the teacher can match a participant to the student. On the student’s row, the teacher clicks the Participants field and select the appropriate participant from the list. The selected participant email is stored for the student so they can be automatically matched the next time they join the meeting with that email address.
  • Teachers can enter attendance based on the check-ins by clicking Submit Attendance on the Student Check-In page. The teacher is navigated to the Entry by List page with the attendance details populated based on the check-ins. They can make changes if needed and then save the attendance.


  • The student can now find the link to join the Zoom meetings for their classes on the HAC Week View page, if the option is enabled.
  • Students can now check in manually from HAC from the HAC Week View page, if the option is enabled.
Zoom Integration for Attendance Check-Ins
District Configuration UtilityCognos SSO with external identity providers

Modified the DCU to support storing the Client ID and Client secret to set up SSO for Cognos when this functionality is available. Watch the eSchoolPlus Product Update Announcements in PowerSchool Community for an announcement when it is available.

Also, modified the DCU to support adding additional application settings.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in this release.

Reference Number



ESP-61196Attendance Year View

The Attendance Detail page Audit trail was overwriting the bottomline source entry when an attendance code was removed by the non-bottomline source.

For example, the office entry was incorrectly removed in a scenario where the Office entry was configured to be the bottomline and a student had an absence entered as the office entry when the Attendance Detail page was later used to record a teacher entry for a substitute and the existing absence was removed to indicate that they did not report an absence.

Resolved this issue so that the bottomline attendance is not removed, but the audit trail will store a record to indicate that no attendance was entered by the non-bottomline source.

ESP-33618Career Plan

Credits on the career plan were not calculating correctly when tag rules were used in a particular setup. This has been resolved.

ESP-55158District Course Catalog

When adding a new building type on the District Course Catalog page, the Active checkbox was selected on all existing building types. This issue has been resolved.


When the user tried to delete a student’s record from the Medical Growth page, it was not showing the Changes Saved message. This issue has been resolved.

ESP-55134Honor Roll Calculation

The Honor Roll Calculation was modified to improve the performance of the calculation.

ESP-59717Mass Load Hearing

On the Mass Load Hearing page, duplicate students would appear when the student had multiple entry/withdrawal records with a withdrawal date after the test date used so an error would occur when attempting to save. This issue is resolved.

ESP-61889OneRoster 1.1 Classes Endpoint

The Periods element in the Classes endpoint did not format the array type correctly. This has been resolved.

ESP-60232Report Card Summary

When clicking on the mark on the Report Card Summary, the pop up was not showing all Gradebook assignments for some courses. This has been resolved.

ESP-60684Scheduler Error Scan

The Scheduler Error Scan report was not including students for the summer school buildings. This has been resolved.

ESP-61496Student Conflict AnalysisWhen the mandatory flag was set on the Block Course, it was showing the section as Closed in the Conflict Analysis Report.

State Reporting

This release includes changes for the following states:

  • Florida

  • Illinois

  • Michigan
  • New York
  • Ohio

  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas

  • Virginia
  • Washington

This release also includes Federal changes.

Release notes are available in your state's eSchoolPlus online documentation site.

Database Changes

The following changes are included in this release:

Base Database Table Changes

Table Name



ATT_CHECK_IN column added


Added columns



SPI_INTEGRATION_DET, SPI_INTEGRATION_HDRInserted records for Zoom authorization records

Tasks Database Table Changes

Table Name




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