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Durations divide the school year into units, such as marking periods, for scheduling and attendance.

Durations and Marking Period Weeks

On the Marking Periods page, the system generates week records for each duration type, based on the Number in Year field on the Durations panel. The week records are then used to define when a course meets in the master schedule. Each marking period week record is defined to be part of a specific scheduling interval.

Example: You define a duration called M (marking period), with Number of Weeks set to 8, and Number in Year set to 4. On the Marking Period Weeks panel, the system generates 4 records, M1, M2, M3, M4.


On the Master Schedule page, you indicate the duration type to be used for a course-section. The appropriate marking period week units then display in the Session Information panel. Courses may meet for some or all of the marking period week units for the duration type; for example for a duration type of marking period, a course could meet for 2 of 4 marking periods. Only one type of duration can be applied to each course-section.


Attendance intervals for totaling attendance can be set up by date, month, or duration. For example, report cards can include attendance by the duration of the course.

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