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Delete Invalid Attendance

Student attendance data can be made invalid after changes are made to a student's entry/withdrawal records and schedule. For example, if a student is withdrawing from school, the student may have been marked absent from courses before entry/withdrawal information was updated.

In most cases, invalid attendance will be removed when an administrator runs the Attendance Error Scan and selects to delete attendance errors. However, there may be situations that require you to review a student's attendance and delete the invalid records.

To clean up the invalid attendance, you must first display the student's invalid attendance records, and then delete them. Carefully, review attendance and make sure you only delete attendance that is invalid. After attendance records are deleted, there is no way to restore it.

Delete invalid attendance

  1. Use either the Range View or Year View page to select the attendance dates to review, and then click
     (View detail).
    • To display attendance for a range of dates, use the Range View page. For more information, refer to Range View Page.
    • To select multiple dates that are not consecutive, use the Year View page. For more information, refer to Year View Page.
  2. On the Attendance Detail page, click
     (Additional options) on the Attendance panel, and then select Show Invalid Attendance.
  3. Select the
     (Delete) checkbox for each record to delete.
  4. Click Save.
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